AGRO.POLY - Organic olive products from Messinia

who we are

The AGRO.POLY is the dream of a group of young people who had the vision to take the traditional extra virgin olive oil and olives, and the offer-driven high quality, superior services and well presented.
The company was established in 2013 and is 100% Greek. It is located in Messinia, in the region of Pylos and more specifically in the village where Papoulias and covers an area of ​​5000 sq.m.
The company
Philosophy and vision
Values AGRO.POLY is the quality, credibility, and mutual trust. Our vision is applied to the development of model TQM (Total Quality Management), to implement new sustainable business practices and the adoption of a modern CSR model. Along with the high quality products, always adapted to international standards, we offer a high added value for all employees, partners and customers.
Facilities - Capacity
Headquarters AGRO.POLY based in Athens, which houses the administrative offices of the company. The plant, located in the Pylos area 1000 sq.m. They are production facilities. The remaining 4,000 sq.m. used for storing oil and edible olives.
The plant has a capacity of approximately 700 tonnes of extra virgin olive oil and over 500 tonnes of table olives. The bottling line of extra virgin olive oil produces more than 1,500 liters per hour. .
The AGRO.POLY has adopted modern management practices and management at all levels. Successfully apply the principles of total quality management, in order to ensure a quality and safe product.
The priority of the company staff and key policy AGRO.POLY is to check, revise and continually improve the quality of its products and services.
The successful implementation of quality management and product safety and environmental management is applied and controlled by the ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, BRC & IFS.
The AGRO.POLY acquired these certificates with the highest scores.
Sustainability / Sustainability
We are proud to be among the first companies in our business sector using 'green' methods in a way that works. We use the sun through photovoltaic system to produce energy that contributes to the plant operation. The site office is designed in such a way to use sunlight during daytime for lighting purposes. In addition, we use led lighting and inverter technology in all production lines to save energy. Finally, take advantage of rainwater for watering the trees and for cleaning purposes.
We support local producers and strengthening the local economy.
Our olive groves
The AGRO.POLY surrounded by olive groves, situated on a hilltop near the village Papoulias. Messinia is known for olive growing hundreds of years now and the Koroneiki variety grown in the area is one of the most prestigious and recognized olive varieties worldwide.
The families of local farmers cultivate their olive groves and transfer their valuable know-how from generation to generation. Using the same traditional methods ensure that the oil will have the best organoleptic characteristics. The microclimate and soil of Messinia, coupled with traditional farming methods, create a unique product of excellent quality famous worldwide.

The name of our products, 'Thalea', is inspired by one of the nine muses of antiquity, Thalia. The mythical daughter of Zeus and Evrionis, goddess of nature, prosperity and fertility, symbolizing every noble, beautiful and pure is on Earth.
The olives, is 'king' of the olive, known for its unique deep red color, intense flavor, crisp texture and oval shape. Screened by hand and treated only with salt and vinegar. They are available in 314ml and 500ml glass jar, but in 3lt, 5lt, 8lt and 20lt plastic barrels or tins.
• Black Olives
These natural ripening black olives from the variety Conservolea and grown in central Greece, in the region of Amfissa, Volos and Agrinio. They have a round shape, rich flavor and juicy flesh. They are available in 314ml and 500ml glass jar, but in 3lt, 5lt, 8lt and 20lt plastic barrels or tins
• Tapenade
The velvety texture of the paste from Kalamata olives combined individually with Greek herbs and spices with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and creates a unique product for salads, sauces, sandwiches and even a delicious dip. It is available in 125ml jar.


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